Man in cemetery
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Talking End of Life


A series of short videos about helping people with intellectual disability to understand dying and death.

Roger Stancliffe

In my repeated experience, Summer Hill Media has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding all of our requirements while creating and excellent professional video product on time and at a very reasonable price. The filming process and the video product were outstanding, demonstrating the unique experience and skills that Summer Hill Media bring to the task.

/Posted by: joewickert

Transition to Retirement


Retirement can be daunting, especially for people with disability. These videos show how carers and services can help make a great transition to retirement.

Client: Fiona Ellis - Marketing Manager

We were absolutely delighted with the "Transition to Retirement" DVD produced by Summerhill Media. I particularly recommend them to other disability service providers for their great skills in working with people with disability.